INVERNESS is an anomaly. The band, incubated between four walls during 2008 in Santiago, saw the light through the publication of their first full-length at the beginning of 2009. Illuminaciones put them on the radar of a bustling Chilean scene that was fed mainly by singer-songwriters and new folk and He gave the neophytes a reference for the new national shoegaze. Since then they have survived outside the market and the perennial expectations of rock thanks to a constant search for new sounds and frameworks in their music, for structures and lyrics in their songs. Those who classified them as shoegaze or post-rock or slowcore failed. Although they have taken a little of all that. It is not easy to survive by avoiding success, but that is precisely what has allowed them to continue an incessant work that has seen a slow but growing recognition of their work over the years. They have participated in internationally awarded films; They have toured insistently throughout Chile and abroad and proudly wear the clothing of four studio albums that have made them grow and expand the scope of their sound. INVERNESS is an anomaly because they exist despite a market that should have buried them years ago. It's an anomaly because they will probably continue releasing albums and touring to continue their process of binary fission, branching out their psychophonic rock legacy and mutating in the shadow of their own secondary world.

  • Rodrigo Jarque (voice, guitar, piano)
  • Patricio Jarpa (drums and sequences)
  • Angelo Agurto (bass)
  • Rodrigo Soto (drums and synthesizers)
  • José Tomás Molina (guitar and synthesizers)
  • National Tour · LEROCK Cycle [2018, 2019]
  • Pulsar Fair [2019]
  • Argentina Tour [2018]
  • The Touch of Saturday [2017]
  • Nomination for Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year with After Tomorrow · Pulsar Awards [2017]
  • Tour Colombia [2017]
  • Mexico Tour [2016]
  • Ecuador Tour [2016]
  • Neil Halstead 's ( Slowdive ) participation in After Tomorrow [2016]
  • Show with Neil Halstead ( Slowdive ) [2014]
  • Frontera Festival [2013]
  • Participation in BBC documentary | SXSW with Mogwai , Foo Fighters , Low , among others [2011]
  • SXSW [2011]
  • United States Tour [2011]
  • They participate in the film La Vida de los Peces , winner of the Goya for Best Latin American Film [2010]

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