Sistemas Inestables will head new stage of the LEROCK 2020 Cycle

08 | 03 | 2020
Sistemas Inestables will head new stage of the LEROCK 2020 Cycle

09 | 03 | 2020

One of the most innovative bands in the national experimental scene will turn for five cities of the country continuing with the series of tours organized by LeRockPsicophonique.

Sistemas Inestables will be the main band of the first stage of the LEROCK 2020 Cycle, in a tour of five cities in the country. The experimental trio will resume the tour that was paused in October 2019 for the national event and will finally run in March this year.

The group responsible for O, one of the most ambitious releases of the national post-rock scene of the last time had a particularly hectic 2019. In May / June last year they took an important step by joining the Dunk! Fest poster in Belgium, an instance that also allowed them to be part of the Primavera Sound festival in Spain.

On this occasion, the trio composed of Javier Hechenleitner, José Tomás Molina and currently Santiago Corvalán has been designated to give the kickoff to the LeRockPsicophonique concert cycle, which will be scheduled for March 2020 through December cities of Valparaíso, Santiago, Concepción, Valdivia and Puerto Montt.

The tour will begin in Valparaíso next Thursday, March 26, at El Internado where the trio will be preceded by Cola de Zorro. That same week, on March 28, the 3rd national S / I tour will resume in Valdivia, next to Pueblo Obsoleto and the next day at the Diego Rivera Theater in Puerto Montt. The tour will continue on the 31st of the same month in the SCD Room of Bellavista. On this occasion, the band will share the stage with the Kinetica electronic and experimental music project. Finally, as usual, Casa de Salud in Concepción will witness the end of this national tour on April 4.

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